Hey Guys

16 Dec

Um…. hello….. uh….man, this is awkward. Yeah, so I know that it’s been a while since I’ve done anything but I felt like making a post today to explain a few things.

I know I basically gave up writing for this blog and it has been something that I’ve thought of. I remember being embarrassed whenever I missed posting for a game and try to catch up. As time went on, I realized that I was doing everything completly wrong. Blogs and newspapers are two different things and I treated this as more of a mini version of JMU sports than an actual blog. I made the blog just for fun but it became a chore after a while. For a while, I didn’t want to have to deal with it.

Recently, I wanted to go back to writing about JMU sports but I wanted to make sure of was that I was speaking in my own voice and not providing a rushed recap. So, I want to go back to posting but it definetly won’t be every game. I want return to this blog because I still like to write about the Dukes and I want this to go back to being a fun hobby instead of a chore.

Go Dukes!


We’re Going To The CAA Championship

15 May

The baseball game today had an abrupt stop. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t hear any horn indicating that there was lighting. When the big storm came by, we assumed that the game was over. My dad and I even went back home. When we saw that the rain stopped and JMUSports said that the game was going to start up again, we went back to the ballpark. On our way there, we got the great news that the game did start back up. We got there at the bottom of the third inning.

We missed what Towson did at the top of the third. Did I care? No. I was just glad we got their just in time to see the Dukes bat.

In the fourth, JMU finally got on the board on a SAC fly by Cole McInturff. JMU went into the fifth up by two. Towson cut the lead in half in the top half of the fifth, and that was the closest JMU have ever been to almost losing. The Dukes scored three runs in the fifth. In the sixth, they scored six runs. The rest was history.

JMU got the 11-1 victory and a spot in the CAA tournament. Also, Old Dominion lost their game today, so JMU is now tied for first in the CAA.

This was a good way to end their season at home. Now, we’ll see how the rest of the season (and the CAA tournament) plays out.

Their next game is Tuesday at Radford. First pitch at 6pm.

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I hate rain… I REALLY hate rain

15 May

*groan* I hate rain

As a huge baseball fan, I hate rain. Mainly because baseball is to sensitive to rain. Football and soccer can handle rain just fine, but baseball and rain do not mix at all. Two MLB games already got rained out today and I wouldn’t be surprised if a third got rained out before the end of today.

Anyway, with lots of rain pouring here in Harrisonburg, I highly doubt that this baseball game against Towson is going to continue. This game only lasted two innings and they weren’t that exciting. No runs were scored and there were only four hits total.

The Dukes were really close to scoring a run in the first inning with David Herbek at third. However, Ty McFarland struck out and the inning ended. The second inning had Cole McInturff at second and ended with Jake Lowery hitting a pop-up to the first baseman.

As of right now, I don’t have any updates on what’s going on with the rain delay. JMUsports is not posting any updates on Twitter at the moment. However, I’m pretty sure the game is canceled. If I get any updates, I’ll make sure I post it here or on Twitter.

May Madness!

14 May

The JMU Lacrosse team had a really good season, but they couldn't pull it off against Princeton (Courtesy: JMUsports.com)

Well… yeah, it’s been a while since I my last post. Just to prove how long it’s been, let me recap on what’s happened since then. The JMU women’s basketball team lost its first round game against Oklahoma, VCU made it to the final four, UConn won the national championship,  the MLB baseball season started, Michigan lost the national championship game in hockey, Animal Kingdom won the Kentucky Derby and US Navy SEALs  killed our worst enemy. Yeah, a lot has happened.

Anyway, the JMU lacrosse team played the first game of the national championship against Princeton. Now, JMU has had a lot of experiences with Princeton in the past. Historically, we haven’t been doing too well against Princeton. However, we have had some good wins against the Tigers recently, including a 10-5 victory last March.

The game didn’t start out to well for the Dukes, with Princeton getting a quick 4-0 lead. Yeah, that kept us JMU fans pretty silent. However, we didn’t give up hope. We soon found ourselves leading 7-5 over the Tigers. We were back into the game. The half ended 7-7 and we were really excited.

The second half was a lot tougher. Princeton’s great speed kept us from getting the ball too much. However, we still kept it pretty close. We tried really hard to come back after Princeton was leading 11-9. We scored a goal, but we couldn’t get the tieing goal. The Dukes had two really good chances to tie it up, but the Princeton goalie saved them both. The Dukes lost 11-10. A really tough loss to swallow.

I can’t really say who did the best, but one player who did really well was Ashley Kimener, who scored three goals.

I know it’s been a while and I should have been keeping track of things. Well, better catch up now than never.

“Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come”

20 Mar

The time has come. For the 2011 Women’s Basketball Tournament. Well, technically, it started yesterday but, today is the Dukes’ first game in the tournament.

The 11th seed Dukes playing against the 6th seed Oklahoma Sooners.

The Dukes are huge underdogs, as they should be. On ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, only 10.6% of people chose JMU to advance to the round of 32. Even President Obama chose the Sooners to come out on top. So, obviously, JMU has a lot to play for.

However, the Dukes have some pretty solid advantages.

1. Location– This game is at Charlottesville, which is only an hour from Harrisonburg. That means the Dukes will probably have a pretty good crowd advantage. Even though Oklahoma is considered the home team, JMU has the advantage being an hour away. If JMU fans from Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and all over Virginia make it out to the game, the Dukes will have a big crowd advantage.

2. Oklahoma struggles on the road– The Sooners are 5-8 on the road. Most of those losses on the road were more than ten points. What do you make of this? Well, there’s one team traveling half across the country and another only taking an hour trip. Combined with the crowd advantage, the Sooners could struggle.

3. Points and rebounds- Dawn Evans, for us, is like Jimmer Fredette for BYU. Jimmer Fredette doesn’t play the game by himself and neither does Evans. While Evans does provide a lot of points, she can’t do everything. All five starters have something to show. As for rebounds, Lauren Jimenez is who you look for. In most games, she led the team in rebounds. Rebounds are just as important as points. So, it’s good that we have someone who can get rebounds.

Now, I’m not saying Oklahoma has nothing to show. Remember, Oklahoma are still the heavy favorite. However, if JMU could use their advantages, it could help them a lot.


The Dukes Lose One In The CBI

15 Mar

Well, JMU didn’t make the NIT, however, they did make a championship called the CBI. Now, what the hell is the CBI?

Once again, coming from Michigan, I didn’t know much about the small things like BracketBusters or the CBI.

Anyway, the Dukes made it and their first game is against Davidson. JMU had a great start and a terrible end to this season. So, you would hope that the Dukes would do well here. Well, that didn’t happen.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t really watch a lot of the game. When I first put it on, it was tied 25-25. So, naturally, I assumed they were having that first half struggle that has plagued them for the whole season. So, I didn’t really worry.

I changed the channel and continued searching. Then, I came back a little bit before halftime and it the half ended 44-32 Davidson. I’m wondering what the hell happened.

I came back again during the second half and it was 67-45 and this was mid-second half. So, between the end of the first half and about ten minutes into the second, JMU only scored 13 points.

The final score was 85-65, our worst loss since the Feb. 24th game against Old Dominion (75-59).

We end our season 21-12 overall. It’s not a bad record, but it’s still disappointing when you see how we started.

Devon Moore led the team in points with 14 and Denzel Bowles led the team in rebounds with 9.

3 Bids For CAA!!!! (With Announcement)

13 Mar

In today’s selection show, 3 CAA teams made it into the tournament (Old Dominion, George Mason, and VCU) breaking the record of CAA teams in the NCAA tournament.

As a celebration, I opened up a Basketball Tournament Pick ‘Em on Yahoo! Sports. I hope a lot of people join the group so we can have a little contest.

So, if you want to join, click on the link:


(Note: You need a Yahoo account to join. It doesn’t take that long.)

(Another Note: When you get to the password part, leave the password box blank. This is a public group so there is no password.)

Have fun, everybody!