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Dukes Fall To The #6 Blue Devils

30 Nov

Last year, the Dukes fell to Duke 79-65. This year was no different. Excitement was buzzing all over the Convocation Center. JMU fans showing off their pride with purple shirts, jerseys, and sweatshirts. The Duke Dog was celebrating his 28th birthday today. People received gift bags and Duke Dog fans (like myself) wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday. Despite all the odds against them, fans still had a positive attitude.

The Dukes fans at the Convo threw their excitement at the court before the tip-off. Duke started off with the ball and a quick fast break to give Duke the very early 2-0 lead. The Dukes were able to take the lead. However, too many turnovers and fouls quickly started to wane on them. The halftime score was 42-32.

A hilarious half-time show, featuring the ZOOperstars, kept the positive attitude going.

The second half, the Dukes kept on playing catch-up but just couldn’t get the edge they needed. Costly turnovers, fouls, and missed baskets set the Dukes back quite a bit. The defense wasn’t terrible but the offense couldn’t get much done. The final score was 75-58.

Dawn Evans who was honored for her 2,000-point milestone before the start of the game, led the offense with 20 points. Lauren Jimenez led in the rebounding department with 11.

The #6 Duke Blue Devils continue to be undefeated with a 7-0 record. JMU goes down is now 3-3 with a 1-2 home record.

Next game is Thursday, December 2nd when they play at Longwood. Tip-off at 7pm ET


Goins Leads JMU To Another Win

27 Nov

There are so many good football games that went on today. However, I can’t write about those games because, there was a basketball game tonight. The 4-1 JMU Dukes playing the 1-2 Eastern Michigan Eagles.

Unlike the last two games, this one stayed pretty close for most of the game.

In the first half, the Dukes seemed like they needed help. They tied the game a few times, but they couldn’t find a way to take the lead. In the first half, the game tied up four times and 3 out of the 4 times, the Eagles took the lead. In the last 4 seconds of the half, Denzel Bowles scored a free throw to take the one point lead. Their first lead of the game. The half ended 24-23 Dukes.

The second half was very close until 9:29 left when JMU started running away with the game. The closest JMU was to giving up the lead after that point was in the 5:23 mark when it was 59-57. The final score was 74-68.

Rayshawn Goins leads the JMU offense for the third game in a row. He scored 25 and also led the team in rebounds with 12.

Once again, the Dukes had a good game. However, Matt Brady’s search is still on.

Next game is December 1 when they play at Longwood. Tip off at 7pm ET


Women’s Basketball Game Is Too Much For Two Halves

26 Nov

Courtney Hamner hit back-to-back three pointers during JMU's 12-5 overtime to get the win (Courtesy:

The tough loss to Iowa could have giving the Dukes some type of edge to help them out in this game against Montana. Maybe, not. All we know is that even when they are down by 14, the Dukes women’s basketball team just doesn’t give up. The men’s team didn’t give up when they were down by 20 against Princeton last Monday. However, they only won by one point in regulation.

The Dukes were down by 9 going into the first half, with a score of 31-22. The second half was 42-33. Add those two scores up and you have 64-64. The game went into overtime and JMU only allowed 5 points, while Montana allowed 12 to give the Dukes a 76-69 overtime win.

Dawn Evans never fails to impress. She led the Dukes in scoring with 24 which, I’ll say, is a little step down from the 32 point game yesterday. Courtney Hamner scored back-to-back three pointers to start off the overtime period. That’s already more than the number of points JMU gave up in overtime. The Dukes improve to 3-2.

The Dukes next game is next Tuesday when they play Duke in the Convocation Center at 7pm ET.

Evans Scores 2,000th Point

26 Nov

During last night’s game against Iowa, Dawn Evans scored her 2,000th career point. It came off a three pointer with 16:36 left in the game. She led the Dukes with 32 points that night. The Dukes still lost 67-61 to the Hawkeyes, who were ranked #21 in the nation. The Dukes play tonight against Montana in the second game in the Caribbean Challenge in Mexico at 5pm ET. Will Evans explode like she did last night? Let’s just wait and see.

Dawn Evans scores 2,000th carrer point with a three-pointer with 16:36 left in the game. (Courtesy:

Well, sorry

26 Nov

Me at would like to apologize for not getting a post up. The Dukes’ girls’ team played in Mexico against Iowa. My sources for getting the stats and play-by-play didn’t pull through. However, here are the stats I got.

The Dukes played a good game. The Hawkeyes were a heavy favorite, being ranked #21 in the country. There was a shock when JMU took the half-time lead 33-27 but, the Dukes couldn’t hold on and lost the game by a score of 67-61. The second half score was 40-28.

Dawn Evans led the Dukes in scoring with 32 points. Rebounding was led by Nikki Newman, who had 11. The Dukes play another game tomorrow against Montana at 5pm ET.

Be Patient, Brady

24 Nov

Despite last night’s easy win against Presbyterian, basketball coach Matt Brady wasn’t satisfied with last night’s performance. In a post-game interview Brady said, “[The team] wasn’t very sharp […] I’d like us to play better basketball” At tonight’s game against Bucknell to close off the CBE classic, the Dukes played better…in the second half.

In the first half, the Dukes seemed to be in trouble. The did have a great start, getting a comfortable 13-4 lead. Then, Bucknell slowly but surely, got back and took the lead with 6:32 left in the first half when Ryan Hill made the two free throws to give the Bison the 2 point lead. Bucknell kept the lead until 1:58 left when Devon Moore hit the two-point jumper. The half ended 37-34.

Like last night’s game, the second half was a lot more lop-sided. However, it wasn’t until the 7 minute mark that JMU started running away with the lead. Bucknell was trying to catch up but JMU kept on pulling away until the final buzzer. The Dukes pulled off the easy victory 85-75. The Dukes scored more points than they ever had this season. However, they gave up the same amount of points as they did when they played Kansas State. So, even though JMU had a good day, I don’t think it was enough to take back what Coach Brady said yesterday.

The offense was, once again, led by Rayshawn Goins who had 21 points. Bench player Andrey Semenov also had an amazing game with 20 points. Goins also lead the team in rebounds with 7.

The Dukes next game is on Saturday, November 27th at the Convo against Eastern Michigan at 7pm ET Also, the woman are playing tomorrow at Mexico against Iowa at 7:30pm ET.

Dukes Cruise Past Presbyterian

23 Nov

This was a more simple game for the Dukes. There was no comeback and they had the lead for most of the game. In fact, they didn’t even give up the lead once in the second half.

The first half started off strong for the Dukes. They kept the lead until 12 minutes left in the half when Khalid Mutakabbir hit the three-pointer to give the Blue Hose a 19-16 lead. Then, Joshua Clyburn extended the lead with a two-point lay-up. The biggest JMU has ever trailed by was 6 points when it was 26-20 Presbyterian. After a 7-0 run that give the Dukes their lead back, Mutakabbir hit a dunk to regain Presbyterian’s lead. However, when Devon Moore hit the basket after getting a foul, JMU took the lead and kept until the final buzzer. Halftime score was 36-33 JMU.

The second half was less more lop-sided. The closest Presbyterian was to taking back the lead was 24 seconds into the second half. Al’Lonzo Coleman hit the free throw to tie the game at 36. Then, Julius Wells hit a three-pointer to make it 39-36. From that point on, the game leaned toward JMU. The Dukes got a huge lead and Presbyterian was playing catch-up but couldn’t succeed as the offense couldn’t be stopped. Final Score was 65-56.

This was a slow day for the Dukes. They had the same number of points they had at last night’s game. The only difference was the other team scored less points. As for Presbyterian, this was the least amount of points they gave up in a game so far (beating their Eastern Kentucky game by 1 point). Denzel Bowles, who was the offensive leader last night, only had a quiet 12 points. Rayshawn Goins led the team with 17 points. However, Bowles did lead the team in rebounds with 10.

Tomorrow, the CBE classic comes to an end when JMU plays Bucknell at 7pm at the Convocation Center. Bucknell lost their game 66-55 against Princeton.