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JMU Ends Non-Conference Play On A High Note

31 Dec

The last day of 2010 features the last game of the Dukes’ non-conference play at Kent State.

The game stayed really close all throughout the first half. Again, JMU kind of struggled in the first half, but kept it close. That seems to be a theme we ran into since the start of the season. Obviously, it applies here. The half ended 28-27 Kent State.

In the second half, JMU did explode like they’ve done most of the time this season. JMU outscored KSU 33-23 and got the 60-51 win.

JMU comes back in 2011 when the start conference play at home against Northeastern.

JMU now has a four game winning streak. Now, I really want to see if they can surpass the 6 game streak they had earlier now that they start CAA play.

Rayshawn Goins led the way in points with 14 points and he also led in rebounds with 13.

Before I go, I would like to stay, Happy New Years and see you in 2011.


Dukes Crush Western Carolina

30 Dec

Evans was one of the five Dukes with a double-digit game in today's blowout (Courtesy:

I honestly thought the break wasn’t going to end. It felt like nothing has happened for a really long time. It was only a week and one day. Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas and had a lot of fun and I hope you have happy New Years.

Now that I got all that out of the way, let’s get to the game. I had a fun break so far and I’m sure the Dukes did as well. JMU really came back from the break with a 82-47 blowout against Western Carolina.

The game didn’t seem bad for Western Carolina at first, trailing only with a 17-11 score with 7:23 left in the half. Then, JMU went on a 9-1 run and….yeah, it was over from then on. The halftime score was 31-14. The Dukes never let up, not even for one minute.

Five Dukes had a double-digit game. Evans, Jimenez, Whitehurst, Taylor, and Hamer.

The next game is in 2011 when they play their first game of the CAA season. They play at home against Northeastern. Tip-off at 2pm.

JMU Gets Revenge

22 Dec

JMU came back to Harrisonburg to have a rematch with Marshall. I’m glad I finally was able to make it to a game. The stadium was pretty empty but it was still okay. The fact that this was a rematch to try to redeem ourselves after the tough loss, the atmosphere was still good.

JMU didn’t really start off well. It’s crazy how long we stood waiting for the first point. It came off a free throw from Denzel Bowles, then he missed the next free throw. So, yeah, it wasn’t a good start. JMU did come back and was able to keep the lead going. The half ended 37-30 JMU.

The second half is when things went crazy. I don’t think I’ve seen people getting pissed at, not only the ref, but some of the players. DeAndre Kane was the source of some people’s frustration. Dukes fans wanted him gone. They yelled at him, booed at him, they wanted him off the court. Anyway, the Dukes performance was great and then it went downhill. The Dukes were able to get a very comfortable 62-48 lead, and then they just stopped. Marshall was so close to coming back. Fortunately, JMU was able to stop them and take the 80-73 win.

Like I said, they just stopped. They had a good thing going and then, they stopped. When I say stopped, I don’t mean they literally stopped. I mean, they didn’t play like they were before. The defense, in particular, gave up too many points and it most resulted in a comeback. In short words: good game, not a good ending.

Denzel Bowles led the game with 37 points and led in rebounds with 13.

So, the Dukes improve to 9-3. A good day for redemption after the bad loss.

The next game is next Friday. They go back on the road playing at Kent State. Tip-off at 2pm ET.


Give Me Your Feedback

21 Dec

It’s been almost a month since I started this blog. I’ve been having a good time so far writing to everyone. I want to know what you think of this blog. Give me some feedback. Do you like this blog? Is there anything you don’t like about it? I want to know what you think. So, fill out this form. I’d love to see what people think. Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog so far and GO DUKES!!!

Evans Explodes in JMU Comeback

20 Dec

Well, I’m glad I didn’t have to wait a whole week for another game. As you might know, it’s been a while since JMU has had a home game so, it seems reasonable to assume that the Dukes would want to come back on a high note, and they did.

The halftime score was 37-32 Cavaliers. Seems okay, right? Well, the Cavaliers extended the lead to ten with 15:31 left in the game. The Dukes try to come back, but UVA kept the score on their side. With 4 minutes left in the game, the score was 76-63 Cavaliers. Now, it sounds like it’s over. Do you remember the Princeton game? Anyway, JMU got an 11-2 run to crush the lead to four with 2:33 left in the game. Dawn Evans had made her presence felt this season. She exploded tonight. She led the Dukes offense to take the lead and get the ultimate 82-80 comeback win.

Evans scored 42 points, more than half of what the whole team scored, and she broke another record. She broke a personal record with most points in a game and she broke the all-time CAA record for three pointers. Oh my god, how many milestones can she possibly achieve this season? It’s really amazing.

The Dukes keep themselves above .500 as they improve to 6-5.

The next game is next Thursday when they play another home game against Western Carolina. Tip-off at 7pm ET.

JMU Doesn’t Give Up

18 Dec

Denzel Bowles led the Dukes in the comeback win at South Florida (Courtesy:

Now, for my second post of the day, I bring you the 7-3 Dukes facing the 6-5 Bulls. Last week, JMU finally got their act together and totally crushed Radford. I asked if just because they finally won, would they wake up and prevail for the rest of the season? Short answer is: no, at least not yet.

Then again, JMU has proven that they can still win and have an OK season, even if they barely edge out. You have to give the Dukes credit today. They were trailing 34-30 at the end of the first half and, to make matters worse, South Florida started the second half with an 11-5 run to take a 45-35 lead. JMU would score and South Florida would counter-score. As the half went on, JMU was slowly but surely, coming back. When they finally got the lead, South Florida couldn’t come back. The Dukes ended with a 66-61 win and improve to 8-3.

JMU has had a really good season, no doubt about it. Even in the most toughest of circumstances, they don’t give up. They proved that in the Princeton game, and in today’s game.

Denzel Bowles led the offense with 24 points and Rayshawn Goins led in the rebound department with 11.

Also, I would like to point out that this was, once again, another 1-1 weekend, the third one in a row.

The Dukes finally come back to the Convocation Center to rematch with Marshall on Wednesday at 7pm ET. The first home game since November 27th.

Dukes Drop To .500

18 Dec

With a whole week off, the 5-4 Dukes travel to Monmouth to play the 7-2 Hawks. We had a long wait for this one. Was it worth the wait? After the tough 81-75 loss against Middle Tennessee, I guess I didn’t know what to expect, and I guess neither did any Dukes fans.

The game seemed promising. Lauren Jimenez had a career-high 17 rebounds and Dawn Evans had an amazing 31 point game. However, that wasn’t good enough and now the Dukes now drop to 5-5 with a 69-66 loss.

The Dukes season is like a roller coaster, it’s all over the place. You can’t really predict how the game is going to go. Sometimes they can get the big win and other times they get the small loss. There really isn’t a level of consistency.

So, now the Dukes are 5-5. Let’s see if they can redeem themselves on Monday when they come back here to play UVA.

Despite the loss, JMU did have something to celebrate. Dawn Evans broke the school record for points in a career. She had 31 points for the day and now has 2,125 career points. It broke Tamera Young’s record of 2,121. Congrats on the new record, Evans.