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JMU Followed In Hofstra’s Steps In Delaware

29 Jan

The game we played at Hofstra was a pretty tough loss. We were up by 17 in the second half and we totally Hofstra took the overtime win. Well, this time we were on the other side at Delaware.

The first half was not good. JMU was way behind for almost the whole half. They were down 23-8 and it stayed bad all the way until the halftime buzzer. The halftime score was 33-21 Delaware.

The second half, however, was way better. Well, not at the start. JMU was down by 12 at halftime and the biggest lead Delaware had was 19 with 13:35 left in the second half. ¬†However, the Dukes had a 15-2 run after that to shrink the Delaware lead to six, and to quote Billy Mays “we’re not done yet”. JMU’s explosive offense and amazing defense propelled the Dukes forward to take the big lead and the 77-71 win.

Obviously, JMU learned something from the Hofstra game.

Denzel Bowles led the team in points with 26 and, surprisingly, neither Bowles or Rayshawn Goins led in rebounds today. Instead, it was Julius Wells with 6.

JMU is now 17-6 with a 7-4 CAA record.

There is now seven games left until the CAA championship. Their next game is Wednesday when they play at home against William and Mary. Tip-off at 7pm ET.


JMU Women’s Team Wins At Drexel

27 Jan

The Drexel men’s team lost to JMU last night, so now its the Drexel women’s team’s turn to lose to JMU.

The first half was a little slow. Drexel was able to have the lead for a lot of the half. However, JMU was able to come back and move the momentum over to their side. Halftime score was 31-28 JMU.

The second half was also a little slow at the start. JMU didn’t really give Drexel the lead, but Drexel sure was close. The final score was 66-60 JMU

JMU improves to 14-6 with an 7-1 CAA record which is really amazing. The JMU women’s team has a shot at winning another CAA championship.

Their next game is Sunday when they play at Towson. Tip-off at 2pm ET.

Could Virginia Tech Get Upset Again?

27 Jan

I was going around the Virginia Tech website (yeah, I was bored) and saw their future football schedules. I saw something interesting. Virginia Tech is scheduled to play Appalachian State in the first week of the 2011 football season.

The scoreboard after the App. State- Michigan game in 2007. (Courtesy:

Appalachian State has had their big upsets. Assuming that Virginia Tech is ranked at the start of the season, App. State could be the first FCS team to beat a ranked FBS team……TWICE.

Okay I’ll admit it, I’m a huge Michigan fan. I lived in Michigan before I moved to Virginia and my brother is a Michigan alum so my whole family is Michigan crazy.

Anyway, I have a friend who is a Virginia Tech fan. He would always pull out the Appalachian State card. It would be nice to have some payback and be able to pull out another App. State card plus a JMU card. However, if VT beats App. State then he could make comebacks like “at least we beat Appalachian State.”

I think this will be a huge game for many reasons:

  1. Of course, nobody would have thought that JMU could beat Virginia Tech. However, when you put Appalachian State in there, you start to wonder. People are going to be curious.
  2. They won’t have Tyrod Taylor. This might not be a big reason. However, Taylor did play a big part in helping out VTech after they lost to JMU. I think that without their star quarterback (and maybe some other star player who might leave) it will probably be something App. State will take advantage off.
  3. There might be more supporters for App. State. Let’s face it, people like a good upset. When App. State beat Michigan, that same season App. State won the FCS championship. When JMU beat VTech, however, they didn’t even make the playoffs. People can see that App. State is a better team. Also, App. State fans would want to be able to say “our team beat two ranked FBS teams” (Once again, we are assuming that VTech is ranked at the start of the season).
  4. Also, VTech might play harder than they did against JMU. They know App. State is a better team

So anyway, there is a lot at stake here. Most Michigan fans (and JMU fans, for

The scoreboard after the JMU-VT game in September 11th, 2010 (Courtesy:

that matter) would disagree with me, but I want to see App. State pull off another upset.

Listen, I don’t like either teams and there could be another upset somewhere else. Also, this is just from VTech’s website. I don’t know if this is official or not. I just wanted to say that App. State could pull off what JMU did last September.

Post your comments with your thoughts/opinions/smack talk.

Dukes Win In An Empty Arena

26 Jan

Not many fans showed up to tonight's game, but I bet a lot of fans watched it on MadiZone (Courtesy:

A lot of people (like me) decided to stay home and watch the game on MadiZone. Glad it was free tonight. Thanks, JMUsports.

Anyway, JMU has had some tough games lately. A loss to ODU, a two-point loss to George Mason, and an overtime loss to Hofstra. JMU has had some serious catching up to do. It would be wise to start now, and they did.

The first half was one of the quickest halves ever. It was as close to 20 minutes as you can get. It was also really low-scoring. The score was stayed really close but JMU never loss the lead. The halftime score was 21-20 JMU. The second half, however, was a different story.

The second half was a see-saw half. The lead would go one way and then, a few minutes later, it would go the other way and then it would go back. JMU might have been losing it at one point, but they stayed strong and got the 60-52 win.

JMU finally got the win they needed after the three game losing streak. Let’s start a new winning streak and come back to the top of the CAA standings.

JMU improves to 16-6 (6-4 CAA)

Denzel Bowles led the team in points with 19 and rebounds with 8.

The next game is Saturday when they play at Delaware.

We had a lot of snow today and, to be honest, I was surprised the game didn’t get cancelled. JMUsports were really nice to have MadiZone free tonight. It was a really empty stadium. I give props to the fans who went through all that snow to show up to the game as well as the band and the cheerleaders.

Tsk Tsk Tsk, JMU

24 Jan

Wells was one of the five Dukes with a double digit game today in the tough OT loss at Hofstra (Courtesy:

Coming off a tough loss at Old Dominion and an even tougher loss against George Mason, I guess JMU probably wanted to out-do themselves as losses can’t get any tougher than this.

When you look at all the stats, you find that JMU did have a great day on offense. 5 players (Wells, Bowles, Moore, Goins, and Semenov) had a double digit game today. Also, 90 points makes this the best offensive performance on the road. However, the victory is very short-lived when you didn’t actually win the game.

The first half was like nothing I’ve ever seen for the Dukes. The Dukes were so lackluster in the first half. Well, the start off the half didn’t seem that good, but, it gets way better. The halftime score was 41-28 JMU. 41-28!!!!! How could JMU lose? That’s what I thought. JMU had been in a slump lately so I was really excited with that kind of score.

The second half, however, was also a surprise, but not in a good way. You expect the Dukes to explode in the second half. That didn’t happen. They Hofstra get so close, that they tied the game and went into overtime. So, JMU went from a 13 point halftime to overtime.

This is the first time the JMU men’s team had been into overtime, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I can say without hesitation that OT period sucked. Missed free throws as well as letting Hofstra’s offense roll over us killed our chances of winning and that’s sad. Hofstra takes the 92-90 OT win.

JMU now has their biggest losing streak of the season with three. They’re now 15-6 with a 5-4 CAA record.

Denzel Bowles led the team in points with 27 and both Bowles and Rayshawn Goins (who I call the rebounding guys) both tied in rebounds with 10.

JMU has some serious making up to do on Wednesday at home against Drexel. Tip-off at 7pm ET.







Tough Loss At The Convo

22 Jan

Man, that traffic was crazy. It took forever to get home from the game.

Yeah, I know this post is really late. However, this is still one of the earlier posts I’ve had about a game.

Anyway, JMU had a streak going on at home and GMU was DETERMINED to stop it. The place was packed with JMU and GMU fans. I was sitting in behind GMU fans and I thought it was going to be awesome to poke some fun at them.

I went to the JMU-GMU game last year. You remember that game? We got crushed and some jerk threw a hot dog toward the court that cost us a chance at comeback? Well, there were no hot dogs thrown, but it was still a mess.

The first half was so what I would have expected. If it weren’t for the fact that we were playing George Mason, I probably would have been bored after a while because the first half was the same as it has been this whole season. The halftime score was 33-32 GMU. I wasn’t really nervous. JMU has almost always had a better second half.

The second half started out really well and we had a 46-38 lead, but it was all downhill from there. Turnovers and missed baskets practically killed us. If it weren’t for the great rebounding, we would have been crushed. We had a lot of chances on offense, but we couldn’t capitalize on a lot of them. The final score was 75-73 GMU. An okay start, but a really bad ending.

A streak ends and a new streak starts. This loss ends our undefeated season at home and starts another losing streak. The biggest losing streak we have had this season was only two (Georgia State and Marshall) and we only had two losing streaks. Let’s stop it before it gets out of hand.

The leaders today were Denzel Bowles in points with 21 and he also led in rebounds with 14.

The next game is Monday when they play at Hofstra. Tip-off at 7pm.

A Better Day For Basketball

20 Jan

Coming off of the tough loss the men’s team had last night at ODU, the women’s team stepped up today at home against William and Mary.

Well, the first half was not what someone like me would have wanted. However, the Dukes still kept it really close and didn’t let it go out of hand. The halftime score was 35-31 W&M. Especially with only four points separating the two teams, you can’t say that this is over. In fact, this was only the beginning. Actually, the Dukes couldn’t shorten the lead 5 minutes into the half, but 7 points from Dawn Evans helped the Dukes take a huge 54-45 lead and there was still only 11 minutes left. The Dukes pulled away, Dawn Evans got her 100th double-digit game and the Dukes get the 72-59 win.

The Dukes now improve to 12-6. Their CAA record is 5-1 and when you have an amazing conference record, it overshadows the struggles during non-conference play. Remember when they were 5-5? Yeah, a great improvement.

Lauren Jimenez led the team in points today with 21 points.

The next game is Sunday at home against VCU. Tip-off at 2pm ET.