I hate rain… I REALLY hate rain

15 May

*groan* I hate rain

As a huge baseball fan, I hate rain. Mainly because baseball is to sensitive to rain. Football and soccer can handle rain just fine, but baseball and rain do not mix at all. Two MLB games already got rained out today and I wouldn’t be surprised if a third got rained out before the end of today.

Anyway, with lots of rain pouring here in Harrisonburg, I highly doubt that this baseball game against Towson is going to continue. This game only lasted two innings and they weren’t that exciting. No runs were scored and there were only four hits total.

The Dukes were really close to scoring a run in the first inning with David Herbek at third. However, Ty McFarland struck out and the inning ended. The second inning had Cole McInturff at second and ended with Jake Lowery hitting a pop-up to the first baseman.

As of right now, I don’t have any updates on what’s going on with the rain delay. JMUsports is not posting any updates on Twitter at the moment. However, I’m pretty sure the game is canceled. If I get any updates, I’ll make sure I post it here or on Twitter.


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