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Check This Out!

13 Feb


The Women's Club Water Polo Team (Courtesy:


Well, here’s something interesting I saw yesterday. My family and I took a trip to the UREC to catch women’s club water polo.

The pool area was really hot and humid and the smell of chlorine is still as strong as ever. However, we didn’t care. It was still a good way to spend an hour and we really enjoyed it.

Anyway, you thought the women’s basketball team was good? Well, check this out.

Yesterday’s water polo match was a blowout. A 10-4 win for JMU against Carnegie Mellon.


This was the first of TEN goals that JMU scored at yesterday's polo match


JMU plays today at 12:20 against UVa.

At any rate, I really had a good time watching the water polo match.

Yeah, it’s not like watching a basketball game or a baseball game. However, I still had a fun time.