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JMU Announces 2011 Football Schedule

1 Feb

This is how last year's JMU football season ended. I hope that we have a really better season coming up (Courtesy:

To start-up the second month of 2011, I now give you the 2011 football schedule that JMU released yesterday.

Looking at the schedule, I see some promise and I think we will have a way better season than last year.

Our big FBS game is at North Carolina in Week 1. This will be the 5th straight season we play an ACC team. You might say JMU could also beat North Carolina after the big upset at Virginia Tech. Yes, that may be possible. However, it obviously won’t be as big as VTech. It will maybe be big if no other FCS has beating a FBS team two seasons in a row. North Carolina isn’t as big a team and the roster for next year is probably more determined to have an amazing season.

They have met once, in 2007. UNC beat JMU 34-14.

The first home game in the new stadium will be against a team they have NEVER played before.  Central Connecticut State, who was 8-3 last year, is meeting JMU for the first time. I say JMU has a good chance. I don’t know much about CCST to really say if we will win or not. They’re in the Northeast Conference (NEC). Last season, CCST was 7-1 in conference play while JMU was 3-5. I think it will be a good way to kick-off the 25K Strong season.

On top of that, there are other CAA games. The big CAA game is obviously Richmond. Their last two losses against the Spiders have been really close. JMU could pull off the win here. With a big (hopefully) 25K crowd, I think this will be a big game for JMU. We want revenge after the kept us from the playoffs last year.

Overall, it’s a really good schedule that could put us into the playoffs. GO DUKES!

You can check out the schedule here


Vote Moats!

14 Dec

Go Vote Moats for NFL Rookie of the Week (Courtesy:

Arthur Moats probably gave Brett Favre the hit of his life, and he’s only a rookie. The former Dukes great also had a good game against the Browns getting a sack and forcing a fumble. Anyway, he has been nominated for NFL Rookie of the Week.

UPDATE: Apparently, Moats is now one of the finalists for Rookie of the Week. We’re just one step closer. So, go to the link and vote for Moats.

So, if you: 1) Love the Dukes, 2) Hate Brett Favre, and 3) Are a Bills fan, you should go here and vote for Moats.

I have two of those three traits so I’m definitely voting for him.

Voting ends on Friday at 12pm ET. GO VOTE!

UPDATE: Arthur Moats didn’t win Rookie of the Week. The winner was Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. However, Moats still crushed Favre’s streak as well as Favre himself and that’s Rookie of the Week material to me. Keep up the good work, Moats.

Arthur Moats gave Favre the hit of his life (Courtesy: