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Dukes Win In An Empty Arena

26 Jan

Not many fans showed up to tonight's game, but I bet a lot of fans watched it on MadiZone (Courtesy:

A lot of people (like me) decided to stay home and watch the game on MadiZone. Glad it was free tonight. Thanks, JMUsports.

Anyway, JMU has had some tough games lately. A loss to ODU, a two-point loss to George Mason, and an overtime loss to Hofstra. JMU has had some serious catching up to do. It would be wise to start now, and they did.

The first half was one of the quickest halves ever. It was as close to 20 minutes as you can get. It was also really low-scoring. The score was stayed really close but JMU never loss the lead. The halftime score was 21-20 JMU. The second half, however, was a different story.

The second half was a see-saw half. The lead would go one way and then, a few minutes later, it would go the other way and then it would go back. JMU might have been losing it at one point, but they stayed strong and got the 60-52 win.

JMU finally got the win they needed after the three game losing streak. Let’s start a new winning streak and come back to the top of the CAA standings.

JMU improves to 16-6 (6-4 CAA)

Denzel Bowles led the team in points with 19 and rebounds with 8.

The next game is Saturday when they play at Delaware.

We had a lot of snow today and, to be honest, I was surprised the game didn’t get cancelled. JMUsports were really nice to have MadiZone free tonight. It was a really empty stadium. I give props to the fans who went through all that snow to show up to the game as well as the band and the cheerleaders.


Top 5 JMU Accomplishments of 2010

1 Jan

JMU had a good amount of accomplishments in the year of 2010. Here’s a countdown of the top 5 accomplishments. (P.S.: A good JMU fan could guess what number 1 is)

5. Comebacks (men’s and women’s basketball)– This basketball season has had pretty amazing comebacks. One was the men’s basketball comeback from a 20 point deficient against Princeton to get the o65-64 win. The second was a women’s basketball comeback against UVA. They came back from a 13 point deficient with 4 minutes left in the game to get the 78-74 win. I think these two unbelievable comebacks definitely deserve a spot.

4. CAA Champions (women’s basketball)– Though it’s not the first time it has happened but the women’s’ basketball team winning the CAA championship was a pretty big accomplishment. It led to an appearance in the NCAA championship.

3. JMU Beats #1 Team (football)– Coming off the tough loss at Richmond that kept us out of the playoffs, Mickey Matthews decided to go with a different QB, and that plan worked as we pulled off the upset win over the-then #1 team, William and Mary 30-24.

2. Veterans Memorial Park Inaugural Season (baseball and softball)– The 2010 baseball and softball season was the inaugural season of the new JMU park. The baseball field was eventually renamed Eagle Field at Veterans Memorial Park. The two stadiums looked amazing, and I thought it was a good upgrade for the two teams.

1. Upset In Blacksburg (football)– Are you surprised? When you talk about the top JMU accomplishments of 2010, this has got to be on the top of anyone’s list. JMU with the upset win over the-then #13 Virginia Tech Hokies, the second time a FCS team defeats a ranked FBS team. This was the huge upset as it repeated what Appalachian State did to Michigan in 2007. JMU played phenomenal as the forced the turnovers that helped them beat the Hokies. It was at that game were I first heard the great chant that ended up being the name of this blog. 21-16 will be burned in my brain for the rest of my life.


Give Me Your Feedback

21 Dec

It’s been almost a month since I started this blog. I’ve been having a good time so far writing to everyone. I want to know what you think of this blog. Give me some feedback. Do you like this blog? Is there anything you don’t like about it? I want to know what you think. So, fill out this form. I’d love to see what people think. Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog so far and GO DUKES!!!