CAA Champions…Again

13 Mar

Dawn Evans led the Dukes to their sixth CAA title (Courtesy:

After winning a CAA championship last year, the women’s basketball team comes back to win another CAA title.

The season started a little rough, but their amazing performance in CAA play made the Dukes a heavy favorite to win the CAA title. Now, they’ve won their sixth CAA title and is now on the road to another appearance in the NCAA tournament.

This is a JMU team that was ready and willing for this game and it shows.

However, it wasn’t easy. It seemed like late in the second half, Delaware was about to come back. JMU was still able to hold them off and secure the win and the CAA title.

Dawn Evans led the game with 24 points and Lauren Jimenez led the game in rebounds with 14.

Now, we’re headed to the NCAA tournament. The big question is: Who will we play? Well, we’re going to find out Monday night.

I want to see the Dukes make it past the first round of the tournament.

Congrats on the CAA title and good luck in the NCAA tournament. Go Dukes!!



We’re Going To The Finals

12 Mar

After a pretty easy win against Georgia State, the JMU Women’s Basketball team heads to the semifinals against VCU.

This was a game of ups and downs. However, we were able to come on top and get the 67-57 win to get a spot in the championship game.

JMU never let up the entire game. Even when they were down by 7 late in the first half, they still didn’t give up. They were down by five at halftime. However, the game was not over yet.

In the second half, JMU fully exploded and they were able to secure a 67-57 win.

In this crazy day of nothing but basketball, I’m glad it can start off with a good note. There’s a whole bunch of great games to come.

The Dukes are now heading to the finals. They will be playing either Delaware or UNCW, which are teams that JMU shouldn’t have a problem with.

Evans led the team in points with 2. Taylor and Jimenez led in rebounds with 10.

Cheer for the Dukes tomorrow in the CAA finals. We need this win more than ever.


A Terrible Loss At Richmond Plus A Look At The CAA Women’s Basketball Tournament

4 Mar


Devon Moore led the Dukes in points in today's disappointing loss against William and Mary (Courtesy:

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Coming off a win against VCU, I thought the Dukes had a fighting chance against the Tribe. JMU has beaten them once on the road and had probably the worst home loss they’ve ever had this season. I thought JMU might be over what has setting them back this season.


Now, it’s obvious that the Dukes have no chance at making it to the NCAA tournament. Now, I starting to doubt if they’ll make it into the NIT. I still say the Dukes have a slight chance. However, losing the first game of the conference tournament is going to put us on the bubble for the NIT.

The leading scorer is Devon Moore with 22 points.

Now, only time will tell if the Dukes season ends here.

Now that we talked about that, let’s take a quick look at the 2011 CAA Women’s Basketball Tournament

The women’s team has a really big chance to win the CAA tournament and make it into the NCAA tournament. The conference championship begins next Thursday. However, since the Dukes are #1 in the CAA, they won’t play on Thursday. Instead, their first game is next Friday. They play the winner of the Georgia State/George Mason game.

It’s a pretty safe bet that JMU will beat either of these two teams.

There’s also a really big chance that the Dukes will make the NCAA tournament for the second year in a row.

So, my prediction is that JMU will win the CAA tournament and go to the NCAA tournament.

Anyway, good luck Dukes!

A Look At The 2011 CAA Championship

26 Feb

JMU Men's Basketball ends the season on a pretty good note and I hope they do well in the CAA tournament.

The 21-10 (10-8 CAA) Dukes ended the season on a good note. Like I expected, JMU won two of the final three games so I think they ended the season well.

Anyway, now it’s time to prepare for the CAA Championship.

At this point, it seems like the best bet for the Dukes is they go to the NIT. However, JMU does have a chance to make it the NCAA tournament if they win the CAA tournament, and it’s not going to be easy.

The first game is Friday night and it’s against William and Mary. Of course, we had that pretty bad game against W&M at home. However, beating VCU does prove that they do have a fighting chance against the Tribe. I think JMU will pull their act together and come out with a win.

If they beat W&M, they play Saturday night against Hofstra. Hofstra, I’ll admit, will be a lot tougher than William and Mary. That said, we didn’t play terrible against Hoftra. It’s just that they failed in the last minutes of the second half and in overtime. So, it won’t be impossible, but it will be a tough game.

So, winning at least one game in the championship will give the Dukes a good chance at the NIT. It would be nice to win the whole thing and make it into the NCAA tournament, but I don’t see that happening.

Good luck, Dukes!

Lights Out!

19 Feb

Devon Moore hit the game winning shot at the line (Courtesy:

Coming from Michigan, I didn’t really fully understand the concept of a BracketBuster game. Now, I know why they are important.

Today’s basketball game against Miami (Ohio) featured pretty good basketball from both sides and a little surprise in the second half.

The first half was… you know what, it was exactly like you would expect from JMU. No surprises here. The halftime score was 30-29 RedHawks.

The second half had a really great surprise. With 13:23 left in the game, the lights at the Convocation Center completely went out. It was completely dark for about 5 seconds, then the emergency lights came on. It was a good laugh as people were cheering when the lights went out. A ten minute delay later, the game came back on and it the game was better from there.

Devon Moore hit the free-throw that won us the game and the place went nuts.

Overall, the game didn’t have much surprises (other than the black-out) and JMU got the 70-69 win.

The Dukes improve to 20-9 and this win in the BracketBuster game will help us out big time.

Julius Wells led the team in points with 16 and he also led the team with rebounds with 7.

Two games left in the regular season. Thursday will feature the last home regular season game against Old Dominion. Will we get revenge? I sure hope so.

Bombs Away!

18 Feb

We waited a long time, but baseball season finally starts! (Courtesy:

Oh, boy! Break out the peanuts and cracker jacks because baseball season has finally started and, man, did they start off the season well.

The Dukes offense exploded in throughout the entire game.

Me and a bunch of other Dukes fans were cheering when Trevor Knight slammed a home run to start off the season. However, that was only the start off it. The Dukes dropped an offensive bomb in the first inning with back-to-back-to-back home runs and a bunch of RBI’s. As the Dukes fans around me were laughing at Bucknell’s misfortune, I was stuck scoring the game. I went into the THIRD column when it was still the first inning. That means JMU went through the whole batting order TWICE in the first inning

15 runs and 13 hits in just one inning. That would be a lot in a whole game, let alone the first inning.

After that, no body really cared what Bucknell did because they knew they were done.

The stadium was pretty full, until about the fourth inning when it started raining. About half of the people who showed up left when it started raining. Why? It’s not like it was pouring. When I was at the Virginia Tech- JMU game, it was pouring and I stood for three hours in that pouring rain. Nothing serious, just wondering.

The final score was 37-7. No, I’m not talking about the UVa.-VT game, I’m really talking about this baseball game. It was a really crazy game.

Also, I kind of feel bad for Bucknell because they have to play JMU three more times. There is a double-header tomorrow starting at 12pm ET. I would go to that game, but I’m going to head out to the basketball game tomorrow.

Yeah, it’s going to be a really crazy day tomorrow.

Not The Best Win, But Hey…

15 Feb

There was no way JMU was going to lose this game. Towson was going into this game with a 0-15 CAA record and a 14 game losing streak. JMU has had struggled a lot winning only 4 out of their last 10 games.

Despite the numbers advantage, I wasn’t going to be 100% on whether they would win or not. Don’t get me wrong, I was really confident that JMU would come out with the W. However, that same confidence led to extreme disappointment when we played W&M at home.

Today, instead of breaking down the game, I’m going to list what I liked and what I didn’t like from tonight’s game.

What I liked:

1. 40 points from Denzel

Denzel Bowles had an amazing day in the points category. Scoring 40 points. No one, on either team, scored half that many points. Bowles accounted for 56% of the JMU offense today. Good job, Denzel.

2. Better performance defensively

Don’t let the score fool you. JMU actually did play better than the last time they played Towson, at least on defense. When we played Towson at home, we allowed 68 points. This time, we only allowed 61. A small margain, but it’s still good.

What I didn’t like:

1. Scoring fewer points on offense

If one person can score more than half of what the entire team scored, that proves that something needs to be done on offense. Remember, they scored 99 points the last time we played Towson. I felt like they could have done a little better on offense, especially in the first half.

2. Slow first half

Oh my god, I’ve said this to the point that I get tired of saying it, but here it goes: JMU had a slow first half. For an opponent like Towson, you’d expect a little better performance right off the bat. The second half literally decided the game for JMU as the first half ended in a 33-33 tie.

JMU has three games left in the schedule. I’m hoping that we can end the regular season on a good note. I want them to win at least 2 of the last three games. It seems like too much, but I think they could do it. If you look at how close JMU was to beating VCU. I hope they can finish what they started.

Their next game is Saturday at the Convocation Center. The BracketBuster game against the 13-12 Miami (Ohio) RedHawks.